Essay analysis: requirements and avoiding the mistakes.

With all the diversity of approaches to the technology of writing essays on social studies, you can identify a number of requirements, which in any case must be sustained:

1) an adequate understanding of the problem and the meaning of the statement;

2) compliance of the content of the essay with the stated problem;

3) the selection and disclosure in the essay of the main aspects of the problem, to which the author of the statement indicates;

4) aspects of the problem should be disclosed in a given scientific context;

5) a clear definiteness of the student’s position, his attitude to the problem, to the author’s opinion;

6) substantiation of one’s own position at the theoretical level;

7) reinforcement of the given theoretical provisions with meaningful facts of social life, social behavior, personal experience;

8) logical reasoning of the graduate;

9) absence of social science (essential, terminological) and other (actual, logical, ethical) mistakes;

10) the correspondence to the requirements of the genre and the norms of the language.

To the volume of the essay on social studies there are no strict requirements. It depends on many factors: the complexity of the topic, the level of preparation of the student, the thinking of the graduate, the availability of time. The main attention is paid to the quality of work, adequacy and completeness of problem disclosure.

Analysis of the work of graduates allows us to identify some typical mistakes that are allowed by formulating the problem and the meaning of the author’s statement:

1) On the one hand, misunderstanding and inability to isolate the problem of an utterance is connected with the lack of knowledge of the basic science, to which the quote relates, and on the other hand, with the attempt to fit the known problems considered in the lessons in previously written, read, essay.

2) Inability to formulate the problem is often due to the lack of a developed vocabulary and terminological stock in basic social science sciences.

3) Inability to formulate the meaning of the author’s statement is due to a misunderstanding or misunderstanding of its content, the lack of necessary social science knowledge.

4) Substitution of the author’s position is due to the fact that the student does not see any difference between the two. The problem is the author’s reasoning. It is always broad, it provides for several opinions, positions, often completely opposite to each other. The essence or meaning of the author’s statement is his personal answer to the question posed, one of several existing in science or public thought.