How to find specific sources for a diploma

Sources for writing a diploma project are a set of materials that can serve as a basis for research in the exact, humanitarian and social sciences.

The sources are:

Material sources;

Behavioral sources;

Audible sources;

Fine sources;

Verbal sources;

Conventional sources.

For each topic, depending on the discipline, you can find different sources. The search depends on the purpose and objectives of the study. For history these can be illustrations, diagrams, photographs, maps, documents, graphics, material monuments found during excavations by archaeologists, architectural monuments, video and audio recordings, sources collected during an ethnographic expedition.  There are texts of laws, acts of different periods of history for jurisprudence. Sources for exact sciences: real sources, theories and formulas. And marketing sources are independent research data, statistics, illustrations, diagrams, photographs. You could search for them by keywords on the Internet or in the library, with the help of the archive. If it is about history, collect independently during the expedition, in periodicals, in collections of photographs, audio recordings.

Sources should be characterized by: representativeness, completeness, scientific certainty, accuracy, clarity.

Not always sources can be easily found, even on the Internet or with the help of a scientific adviser. In this situation, you can create sources yourself. This is relevant for psychology, history, ethnography, marketing, and the exact sciences. Through experiments and other studies, you can get data that will be the basis for working on the subject of the thesis.

You can use such methods as:

Interview. It is conducted in order to obtain an independent opinion of persons of a certain gender, age or type of activity. For this, it is necessary to develop a questionnaire, to conduct a study of the environments of a certain circle of persons. Based on the research, a conclusion is drawn regarding the problem posed in the work.

Experiment is a method of research that must be carefully planned. It is carried out, proceeding from the theme and tasks of the thesis. There are reference data available with which to compare the experimental data. The implementation of such a method is appropriate in the exact sciences, psychology, and biology.

Field research is characteristic of geology, archeology, ethnography. During participation in the works, the author of the diploma searches for information that will help him to display the topic of scientific research.

Observations are relevant in biology, psychology. Objectives can be the identification of patterns, characteristics, features. The researcher must regularly observe the same action, the process, in order to draw conclusions from which work can be built.

Modeling is the process of transferring theory to reality by creating an artificial object with the necessary properties. Allocate computer, sign, mathematical, subject modeling.

To obtain representative sources, it is necessary to choose the correct, adequate method of research, which will be:

To conform to the science within which research is being conducted;

Adequate to the topic, goals, objectives;


It is based on theoretical data, scientifically reliable.

The independent creation of a source for studying and writing a thesis project is an advantage during the defense of the work, because it shows the depth of mastery of theoretical material.