How to write an essay

If poetry is a music of the heart, then an essay is a music of thoughts.

Essay is a free type of writing. Many people, when they see it, start to think that it is enough to write their opinion in a free form, everything what they can think about. Of course, it is not correct.

Essay is a dispute with the world. In an essay, you can argue with those things, which others consider correct and expedient. You can argue with the authorities. Argue with the great people of the past to enter into debate with them in order to prove them the narrowness of their views, or to support their thoughts.

Essay is an exercise. It is difficult to achieve perfection in any craft without exercise. Essay is the best exercise for writers. On the other hand, the essay is a genre in the pocket of which is a mass of genius works, which belongs to essay writers, scientists, doctors, educators, and ordinary people.

Size does not matter for an essay. It can be limited to a few paragraphs, like any opinion, or it can be written on two hundred pages. Even here, you can see a freedom!

Three simple rules will help you to write an essay.

First, you need to write about what you really are interested in, so choose an interesting topic.

Second, you need to write about what you really feel and think, so be sure about your thoughts.

Third, you need to write how you want, without looking at other works, without relying on existing examples and samples, you have to choose your own style.

In this case, an essay based on the same structure as any other text. So, we can divide it into three parts: introduction, the main part, and conclusion.

The introduction explains the topic of future considerations and expresses the basic idea.

The main part provides arguments and evidence of the opinion, and explains its own point of view on the problem.

Today an essay – one of the most popular genres, it does not lose its relevance.